ANKO Puff Pastry Making Machine (High Quality, Good Design)

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    ANKO Puff Pastry Making Machine (High Quality, Good Design)

    Customized puff pastry machine

    Customized puff pastry machine is recommended for producing various puff pastries such as puff pastry bread, croissant, empanada, calzone, apple pie, fruit turnover, French puff pastry, etc. Machine parts which come into contact with food are made of food grade materials. The production line is also patented and complies with CE regulations. ANKO commits itself to provide the best quality machines and services to customers.





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    ANKO Food Machine - Features

    • Able to produce up to 128 layers of puff pastry with evenly spread butter.
    • Dough thickness is adjustable.
    • Touch screen control panel. Error message will display on the screen for users to quickly diagnose and repair problems.
    • Settings can be saved and quickly accessed to speed up work.
    • Changeable accessories, such as cutter, die cutting device, filling device, etc. provide great flexibility in producing different kinds of food.
    • Turnkey planning. We offer integrated planning and solutions for food production. Whole-plant equipment will be ready to use.

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    • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C
    • Minimum Order:1 Sets


    • ANKO Customized French puff pastry Production Line

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