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    ANKO - Your Best Italian Pasta Food Processing Manufacturer.


    • Capacity:3,000~30,000 pcs/hr
    • Electricity:220/380/415 V, 50/60 Hz, Single/3 Phase, 4.0 kW
    • Height:1700 mm
    • Kinds of Products:Over Hundreds
    • Length:1150 mm
    • Material:Stainless Steel
    • Product Weight:2~200g
    • Stuffing Hopper Capacity:35L
    • Width:570 mm

    Key Features


    ANKO is Taiwan high quality ravioli machine manufacturer and ravioli production turnkey provider with more than 38 years food machine experience. Electric ravioli makers for sale have been approved by many clients. Just change the forming mold, ravioli machine can produce various foods such as dumpling, tortellini, samosa, pierogi, empanada, etc. The dumpling ravioli pasta maker is helpful to increase productivity, uniform food specification as well as decrease labor cost and ingredient waste. Any food maker can transform the business to automatic production with no trouble.

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     ANKO Food Machine - Machine Details


    ANKO Food Machine Details - HLT-700XL


    ANKO Food Machine - Features

    • Wide range of dough compositions
      • The broad range of dough composition allows for different dough textures. The water content in dough varies from 30% to 50%, and could be cold, warm or hot to make wrappers tender after boiling or steaming. Shortening content in the dough can be up to 20% to make wrappers that will be crispy after baking or frying.
    • Unique Hargao forming device
      • Equipped with the special forming device, the HLT-700XL could also produce Hargao fully automatically.
    • All kinds of the cube, dice filling: meat, cheese, shrimp, etc.
    • Optional Special equipment for hargao and full dimension products


    ANKO Food Machine - Advantages

    • The price is reasonable.
    • The capacity is high.
    • It is easy for operation, cleaning, assembling, and repairing.
    • A unique filling system that applies different fillings, like mince, cheese, chopped vegetable, and chunk filling.
    • Max chunk size in filling can be 0.8X3cm shrimp, 0.8X0.8cm diced meat or cooked potato, which allows you to have more different filling combinations.
    • It can also adapt different dough types, like all-purpose flour, high gluten flour, semolina dough, pizza dough, mashed potato, starch dough……and more.
    • Dough skin thickness and filling Qty are adjustable.
    • The finished product can be steamed, boiled, or fried.
    • It requires little space for operation, the size of HLT-700XL is only 57X115x170cm.


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    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C
    • Minimum Order:1 Sets


    • How To Make Dumpling By ANKO Automatic Pasta Machine

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