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    ANKO - Your Best Cookie Food Processing Machine Manufacturer.


    • Capacity:2,500 - 4,200 pcs/hr
    • Electricity:220 V, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase, 1.08 kW
    • Height:1700 mm
    • Kinds of Products:Over Hundreds
    • Length:1300 mm
    • Material:Stainless Steel
    • Net Weight:265 kg
    • Product Weight:15 - 70 g (Round Shape)
    • Width:815 mm

    Key Features

    ANKO Automatic Stainless Steel Cookie Making Machine  (SD-97W)


    ANKO's cookie maker is recommended for producing various stuffed cookies and pastries, including the dual colored striped cookies. The dough hoppers can be loaded with two different color cookie doughs, in order to produce the striped cookies; and the machine is capable of filling the cookies with jams, sweet bean pastes, crushed nuts or even savory fillings. Then the shutters will automatically cut and form individual stuffed cookies onto the conveyer belt, ready for baking.

    This cookie machinery also features 5 programmable memories, and can produce uniformed products weighing from 15g-70g/pc, with the capacity up to 4,200pcs/hr. There are patterned molds and/or generic shutters that can be applied to the machines to form uniform products into customized shapes. Model SD-97SS, SD-97W and SD-97L come in different sizes and specifications, suitable for different size production plants, factories or central kitchens.

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    ANKO Food Machine - Video





    ANKO Food Machine - Machine DetailsMore details on ANKO Website

    More details on ANKO Website

    More details on ANKO Website

    • Compact Size
      • It requires little space for operation, the production and installation space of SD-97W is only 90X145cm.
    • Wide range of dough compositions
    • Different materials can be applied for the encrusting product skin, such as :
      • Beef + bulgur → for Kubba/Kibbe
      • All purpose flour, high gluten flour, yeast dough →  for different buns
      • Rice starch dough → for tangyuan, rice ball, and mochi
      • Cookie dough → for cookies
    • Wide range of fillings 
      • Special filling system can apply both wet and dry fillings.
      • Fillings can be bean paste, peanut powder, minced meat, sesame paste.
    • Less damage to the dough texture
      • Specially designed dough extruding device does less damage to the dough texture, which gives better result to your product
    • Resettable counter
      • Users can easily calculate the total number of products.
    • 5 programmable memories




    More details on ANKO Website




      Anko Website

    ANKO Website

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    ANKO Food Machine - After Sales Service


    Purchase Process

       ANKO food machine purchase process


    After Sales Service

     anko food machine customer after sales service




    Is there any difference between food made by machine and by hand?

    A1 In the process of machine design, we usually refer to handmade processes and modify the recipes to make the tastes of handmade and machine-made products remain consistent. Ingredients and dough texture are influenced by various factors; ANKO always keep testing until clients are satisfied. 

    I have semi-automatic machines already, could you make a plan to add some extra machines to meet my production requirement?

    A2 ANKO is capable of customizing machinery. Please let us know what machines you have and their functions. ANKO engineers will carefully study the compatibility of your and our machines and provide the most appropriate solutions for you.

    I would like to start a food business, could you give me some suggestions?

    A3 ANKO has more than 230 kinds of food information and has exported our machines to 108 countries worldwide. Our clients are in the baking, frozen, or ethnic food business. To learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us or give us your information for providing you suitable and precise marketing information. 

     I would like to expand my business, but I have no idea about the relevant machines? Could you make a plan for me?

    A4 ANKO has 35 years of experience and does comprehensive surveys on various food machines in the world. Therefore, we are capable of integrating every stage and planning turnkey objects. 
    According to the environment and power supply of your factory, the quantity of output and the food preservation you expect, our solution will be tailored to your needs that you can spend the less cost to create the highest productivity. 

    What can we do if our machine does not work? Is there any warranty?

    A5 We often use global-standard components to assemble machinery and attach a copy of operation manual which specifically indicates parts’ names and specifications as well as the machine troubleshooting.
    All of our machines also carry one-year warranty. ANKO will provide new components for replacement as long as machine breakage isn’t caused by misuse of users. For your convenience, you can refer to a video of replacement process. If the inspection or maintenance is necessary, we are happy to arrange a qualified engineer to your location. 

    What if my recipe is confidential information that cannot be provided to you? How does the machine produce food which meets my requirements?

    A6 It is better to provide us the basic ratio in your recipe or any recipe which is close to yours for our test first. However, a slight difference will affect the taste a lot. ANKO highly recommends you to come over our show rooms to prepare your own ingredients in our testing kitchen or bring along your prepared stuffing and dough to test them in our machine.
    During the visit, we will do our best to adjust the machine immediately to meet your needs. 
    Moreover, we will introduce you the production process step-by-step, cook and taste the final products. The face-to-face presentation must be clearer than watching a video.

    How can I train my workers to operate the machine?


    A copy of operation manual is attached to every machine. If you need more information, we will provide you videos or photos of machine installation and setting. 
    If you require further assistance, ANKO will arrange an experienced engineer to do training and testing on-site. The training includes teaching your workers how to operate machines and diagnose machine problems and solve them. 



      Anko Website

    ANKO Website

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    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C
    • Minimum Order:1 Sets


    • ANKO filled cookie making machine

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